If you'd like send us a care package, or to meet up with us for section, here's where we think we'll be. It is unlikely that we'll stick to this schedule exactly, so see News for updates. If you're planning a long or thru hike, we highly recommend Yogi's PCT Handbook.

Letters can be sent 1st class. Although there are a couple of places that accept UPS packages (cheaper), most should be sent by USPS Priority Mail three weeks ahead of our arrival date. Note that some places charge a holding fee for packages. Some information from the USPS Post Office Locator. Do not require a signature. Please call or email to tell us you've sent something, otherwise we won't know to ask for it. The best places to send something are those where we'll also get our "Bump" box, a "Drop" box, or a "Pete" box. See notes in the right column below. Here is a sample address label:

Dave Blumenthal & Lexi Shear
c/o General Delivery
City, State ZIP

Hold for PCT Thru-hiker
Estimated Arrival Date:

If you mail denatured alcohol or methyl alcohol AKA Heet (stove fuel), you can only send one 16 oz plastic container or one 32 oz metal container. Either must be wrapped in something absorbent, plastic bagged, boxed, and labelled like this. Alcohol can ONLY be sent USPS Parcel Post. See the story from PCT-l or the USPS's Domestic Mail Manual C023 Hazardous Materials if you want to know more. UPS won't ship alcohol.

Please email corrections to

Consumer Commodity
Surface Shipping Only

April 22

Home / San Diego

Buy 8
Drop 4 > Warner Springs
Bump > Warner Springs
Heet > Idyllwild


camp at Little League Field, water from Fire Station or store



Lake Morena CG
ADZPCTKO! April 23 and 24, 2004
get water cache info



Mt. Laguna
0.5 hike, from N end of Burnt Rancheria CG W thru, NNW past cabins, R on highway
expensive, ask about CG at store, phone, restaurant
48.0 Mt. Laguna CG coin op showers by big wooden deck, lodge across street free showers
PO in store: 619-473-8341, M-F 12-4 9-11
c/o General Delivery
810 Sunrise Highway
Mt. Laguna, CA 91948


April 30

Warner Springs
1.3 hike E at second crossing of Hwy 79
gas station some snacks, maybe Heet at gas station, lodging at resort, laundry, pub restaurant, no camping, hot springs, golf course cafe
hitch 9.0 to full store
PO: 760-782-3166, M-F 8-4 Sat 8-1:30

c/o General Delivery
31650 Hwy 79
Warner Springs, CA 92086

Home > Bump > Big Bear City
Home > Drop 4

May 5

17.0 hitch W (easy) on Pines-to-Palms Highway
Paradise Café: 1.0 from trail, water
Outfitter closed Tues: get map of San Jacinto Peak via Wellmans Cienaga Trail area
laundry, nearby SP hiker sites, food Red Kettle
Heet at Village Hardware
Tahquitz Inn: closed
PO: 909-659-1969, M-F 9-5 Sat 7-8:30 knock parcels only

c/o General Delivery
54391 Village Center Drive
Idyllwild, CA 92549

Buy 6
Heet > Big Bear City

May 12

Big Bear City
Highway 18 hitch 5.0 W
small store by PO, supermarket 1-2 miles, free camp at fire station, PO has contact info for Wendy and Esco, restaurants, laundry, MBE, email at bakery
Big Bear Lake: easy hitch/$1 bus, better large stores, Mountain Resort Hostel: 909-866-8900
276.6: Van Dusen Canyon Road is 3.0 dirt road, no traffic, return taxi $20
PO: 909-585-7132, M-F 9-4:30 maybe also Sat 1-2, no outgoing Sat

c/o General Delivery
120 W Country Club Blvd
Big Bear City, CA 92314

Warner > Bump > Agua Dulce
Buy 6
Heet > Wrightwood

May 17

Hwy 2 hitch 6.0 (easy on weekend), or hike 3.5 on Acorn Canyon Trail (climb!)
PO, Crystal Island Hotel reservation recommended, good store, angel list at Mountain Hardware, internet at library
be sure Hwy 2 is open 800-427-7623
PO: 760-249-8882, M-F 8:45-5, Sat 8-11 parcels only

c/o General Delivery
1440 State Hwy 2
Wrightwood, CA 92397

Buy 5
Heet > Agua Dulce

May 25

Agua Dulce
on trail
Sweetwater Farms great store, ice cream, ATM, Mexican restaurant
Hiker Heaven
directions at convenience store, or L on Darling Rd after store, 1 mile on R, internet
has water cache and King's Canyon bear box location info
access to REI, Adventure 16, all other stores, incoming and outgoing mail
509.3 Pine Canyon Trailhead water source/cache

c/o The Saufley's
11861 Darling Road
Agua Dulce, CA 91390

Big Bear > Bump > Independence
Pete Box #1
Buy 6
Drop USPS 7 > KM
Drop USPS 4 > VVR
Heet > Mojave


Richard Skaggs/Jack Fair/Hiker Town possibly friendly
store on 138 just before entering desert
water, snacks, phone, and ice cream, 805-724-9097
c/o The Country Store
Star Route 138
28105 W Ave C-6
Lancaster, CA 93536


May 31

Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road hitch 12.0 E
easy hitch Oak Creek Road
563.7 Hwy 58 hitch 12.0 E limited access (hard)
laundry, diner, Chinese buffet
Mojave Chamber of Commerce 661-824-2481
White's Motel shuttle with stay
PO: 661-824-3502, M-F 8:30-5:30, Sat 10-5

c/o General Delivery
Mojave, CA 93501

Buy 8
Heet > Kennedy Meadows


Walker Pass hitch 17.6 W OR hitch E to Ridgecrest huge town including Wal-Mart
big convenience store with cheese
via regional bus additional 18 W to Lake Isabella supermarket, then additional 8.0 N to Kernville
PO: 760-378-2121, M-F 9:30-1 1:45-4, Sat 7:30-10:30 parcels only
c/o General Delivery
8275 Easy Street
Onyx, CA 93255

Snacks maybe

June 10

Kennedy Meadows
0.7 hike R on Sherman Pass Rd
small store for snacks and showers, ride to Grumpy Bear restaurant cash only
payphone requires .35 even for cards
CG couple trail miles past store
slow outgoing mail tape $2 to box, send COD
PCTA bear info and links
Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs bear rules
Yosemite NP bear rules
Store: 559-850-5647, 7 days 9-5

USPS $2 fee:
c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store
P.O. Box 3A-5
Inyokern, CA 93527
UPS $2 holding fee:
c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store
1445 Kennedy Meadows Road
Inyokern, CA 93527

Agua Dulce > Drop 7
Pete Box #2 (Ice axes, Clothes)
Pete Box #3 (Heet > Independence)

June 18

Kearsarge Pass Trail hike 9.0 and hitch 15.0 on Onion Valley Road
easiest hitch to town afternoon, to trail morning, easier on weekends
Route: with low snow take the JMT, otherwise take the PCT
internet in library, bus to Bishop, camping at SP, pizza/beer at Rocking Rhino
Local bus info
Skip & Kitty Wilder
Wilderhouse Shuttle Service
325 Dusty Lane
Fort Independence, CA 93526
888-313-0151 OR 760-878-2119
Independence Courthouse Motel
157 N Edwards St
shuttle to TH for $20
PO: 760-878-2210, M-F 8:30-1, 2-4:30

c/o General Delivery
101 S. Edwards St
Independence, CA 93526

Agua Dulce > Bump > Tuolumne
Buy 8
Heet > VVR

June 25

Vermilion Valley Ranch
Mono Creek hike 1.5 to Lake Edison and $15 RT ferry at 9:30A and 4:30P
medium store, laundry, good food, showers, tenting, beer
$10 incoming, $6+postage outgoing mail, max 25#
Jim Clement owner
Resort: 559-259-4000
Office: 209-855-6558

USPS $10 fee:
c/o Vermilion Valley Resort
P.O. Box 258
Lakeshore, CA 93634
UPS $10 fee:
Vermilion Valley Resort
c/o Rancheria Garage
62311 Huntington Lake Road
Lakeshore, CA 93634

Agua Dulce > Drop 4
Heet > Tuolumne Meadows


Red's Meadows
.25 hike on abandoned stage coach road
restaurant lousy food closes 7PM, buy general store food/cheese to TM, free hot spring showers at CG, packages $20 + $1 per day, no outgoing mail
bus to Mammoth Mt. Resort, hitch to Mammoth Lakes large town, full service
JMT route to 1000 Island Lake great
Resort: 800-292-7758, 7 days 7-7
Red's Meadow Resort
PO Box 395
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546


July 1

Tuolumne Meadows
.75 hike
Store: medium store, PO, gas station, M-F 9-5 Sat 9-12, 209-372-0263, opens mid-June
Lodge: restaurant, cabins, shower $2 includes towel only 12-3
free bus between, can rent bear canisters

c/o General Delivery
Tuolumne Meadows
Yosemite NP, CA 95389

Independence > Bump > Sierra City
Pete Box #4 (Climbing gear, Dinners, Heet > SLT)
Buy 4 (to Sonora Pass, call SW)
Buy 3.5 add'l (if to SLT)


Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station
Sonora Pass hitch 11.0 W
$5 for shower, free camping, has non-veggie restaurant, hitch not bad, campgrounds nearby, back in woods
209-965-3900 7AM-7PM PST only
Alpine Country: shuttles, 530-694-2475
UPS only $10 fee:
c/o Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station
57 miles East of Sonora on Hwy 108
Sonora, CA 95370



Hwy 108 hitch 33.0 E, medium store, heet, laundromat, coin showers
PO: 760-932-7991, M-F 9-1 and 2-4:30
c/o General Delivery
29 Kingsley
Bridgeport, CA 93517


July 9

South Lake Tahoe
Hwy 50 hitch 11.0 E
AYCE casinos Caesar's recommended, natural food store
front loading laundromat
Local's Choice for haircuts
Safeway, 1020 Johnson Blvd, 530-544-7037
Kmart, 1056 Emerald Bay Rd, 530-541-8971, Heet
Sprouts Natural Food Café, 3125 Harrison Ave, 530-541-6969
Lucky Food, 1030 Al Tahoe Blvd, 530-541-5113

c/o Lidia and Ziggy Sowinski
South Shore Inn
3900 Pioneer Trail
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

PO: 530-544-5867, M-F 8:30-5, Sat 12-2

c/o General Delivery
1046 Al Tahoe Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151

Buy 3
Pete Box #5 (USPS)
Drop 4 > Burney Falls SP (Heet)
Heet > Pooh Corner

July 12

Pooh Corner
Donner Pass hitch 2.0 to Truckee
swim at Donner Lake
free lodging, 4 miles from Donner Summit I-40, shuttles, open 7/1-31
provides beds, meals, showers, laundry, medium store and outfitter in town.
climbing wall in the living room and gear for Donner Summit.
Priority mail takes 6+ days. Express Mail takes 2+ days
We mail outgoing mail for hikers departing on Saturday and Sunday only
call for ride from ski resort at Donner Pass or rest area (1153.1)
OR Shinney Boo Creek Cabins: at Donner Summit, rustic, $68-$88

c/o Bill & Molly Person
PMB 154
11448 Deerfield Drive
Truckee, CA 96161

Buy 2
Heet > Sierra City

July 14

Sierra City
Hwy 49 hike or hitch 1.5
medium store, restaurants, laundry, motels
PO: 530-862-1152, M-F 8:30-11:30, 12:30-4:30, Sat 9:30-11:30 holds only 15 days
c/o General Delivery
215 Main Street
Sierra City, CA 96125

Buy 6
Tuolumne > Bump > Shasta City
Heet > Chester

July 18

Little Haven Hostel, Brenda and Laurie Braaten
1.1 mile east of the Belden Bridge on Hwy 70
shuttle to TH, Caribou store (add'l .4 E), and laundry
c/o Laurie and Brenda Braaten
General Delivery
Belden, CA 95915

c/o Belden Town
14785 Belden Town Road
Belden, CA 95915
restaurant, tiny store, phone, laundry fee

PO: N side of highway, .5 W of Belden bridge, 530-283-0951, M-F 9-1 only
c/o General Delivery
Belden, CA 95915


July 21

Hwy 38 hitch 8.0 busy road easy
supermarket, cheap motels, laundry with showers, PO, restaurants, internet at library and Almanor Basin Community Center, notice signs for return hitch
Kopper Kettle great breakfast
PO: 530-258-4184, M-F 7:30-4, Sat 9-1 pickup knock

c/o General Delivery
218 Laurel Lane
Chester, CA 96020

Buy 4
Heet > Burney Falls SP

July 23

Old Station
.3 hike
PO with register (check for Cache 22 water info), Coyote Grill great, small store 10% hiker discount, pizza place, no camping, laundry, free showers
restaurant closed Mondays
PO: 530-335-7191, M-F 10-4 Sat 1-3 knock side door parcels
c/o General Delivery
12529 State Hwy 89 and 44
Old Station, CA 96071


July 24

Burney Falls State Park
.1 hike
maildrop $3, outgoing mail letters only, small store, coin showers at CG, visit falls, see register for trail angels
buy TP-poison oak common in next section
Store: 530-335-4214, 7 days 8-8
State Park: 530-335-2777

c/o Burney Falls Camp Services
McArthur Burney Falls State Park
Route 1, Box 1240
Burney, CA 96013

Pooh Corner > Drop 4 (Heet > Shasta)

July 30

some food, homemade burritos, beer at Ammiratis
PO: 530-235-4413, M-F 8:30-12:30 1-5 Sat 8:30-10:30

c/o General Delivery
20115 Castle Creek Road
Castella, CA 96017

via I-5 hitch 5.0
Yreka-Dunsmuir bus
B+B and Travel Lodge near, laundry, restaurants, medium store, better food than Castella, internet at library
Laundromat does sleeping bags
PO: 530-235-0338, M-F 8:30-5

c/o General Delivery
5530 Dunsmuir Ave
Dunsmuir, CA 96025

Mount Shasta
via I-5 hitch 16.0
even better food than Castella, Black Bear Café
Fifth Season outfitter for climbing Mt. Shasta 530-926-3606
reserve rental gear two weeks ahead
Shasta Shuttle Service 530-925-1747, $15-$20
PO: 530-926-1343, M-F 8:30-5

c/o General Delivery
301 S Mount Shasta Blvd
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

Sierra City > Bump > Ashland
Pete Box #6 (Ice axes, Crampons)
Buy 4
Heet > Seiad Valley

August 4

Etna Summit hitch 10.5
good store, laundry, great restaurants, micro-brewery, library with internet
Bradley's Alderbrook Manor Bed & Breakfast CLOSED!
can camp next to town swimming pool
Motel Etna: across street from park/pool through town on road to Yreka
317 Collier Way, Etna, CA 96027
PO: 530-467-3981, M-F 8:30-5
c/o General Delivery
119 Diggles St
Etna, CA 96027

Buy 6

August 7

Seiad Valley
small store, hiker bunkhouse and camping, laundry, and showers at RV park
Seiad Valley Store and Restaurant, Pancake Challenge!
PO: 530-496-3211, M-F 9-11 11:30-4:30, Sat 12-2

c/o General Delivery
44717 Hwy 96
Seiad Valley, CA 96086

Pete Box #7 (Maple Syrup, Heet > Ashland)

August 12

walk .9 L to Callahan's then Hwy 99 hitch 11.0
AYCE french toast/pancakes not advertised
Ashland Co-op buy food
breakfast at Morning Glory
hostel with hiker rate and laundry 541-482-9217
Heet at Safeway OR denatured at Ace by co-op
free bus to UPS (required for Shelter Cove and Crater Lake Camp Store)
PO: 541-552-1622, M-F 9-5

c/o General Delivery
120 N 1st Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Shasta City > Bump > Sisters
Pete Box #8
Buy 5
Drop UPS 4 > Crater Lake (Food, Laundry soap)
Drop USPS > Crater Lake (Heet > Shelter Cove)
Drop UPS 4 > Shelter Cove
Drop USPS 3 > Ollalie Lake (Heet > Timberline)
Drop USPS 2 > Timberline (Heet > CL)
Heet > Crater Lake

August 17

Crater Lake Mazama Village
Camp Store at Mazama Village hitch 3.0
maildrop to store include laundry soap, medium store expensive food/cheese, coin op showers and laundry, share nearby campsite, cabins at Mazama Village, outgoing letters only
PO 3 miles towards Rim Lake Village on road
541-460-4762, M-F 10-4 Sat 10-2

c/o Crater Lake Camp Store
Mazama Village
Crater Lake, OR 97604
c/o General Delivery
Crater Lake Nat. Park, OR 97604

Ashland > Drop 4 (Heet > Shelter Cove)

August 21

Shelter Cove Resort @ Cascade Summit
Pengra Pass sign 1.6 SW of Rt 58 Willamette Pass,
R, down road, cross RR, R on paved road 1.1
maildrop UPS only held 2 weeks only $10 from Ashland, small very expensive store PB, laundry, no outgoing mail, SP nice
541-433-2548, 800-647-2729

c/o Shelter Cove Resort
West Odell Lake Road
Highway 58
Cascade Summit
Crescent Lake, OR 97425

Ashland > Drop 4
Heet > Sisters

August 25

Hwy 242 McKenzie Pass hitch 15.0 E
OR 2001.6 Santiam Pass hitch 15.0 E
nice town, large store, restaurants, easy hitch if you accost tourists at the Dee Wright Observatory, camping town park (no shower), expensive lodging
PO: 541-549-0412, M-F 8:30-5

c/o General Delivery
160 S Fir St
Sisters, OR 97759

Ashland > Bump > Trout Lake
Buy 3
USPS Drop 3 > Trout Lake
Heet > Olallie

August 28

Olallie Lake Resort,
Skyline Road 4220 hike 0.1
maildrop must arrive 2 weeks before!
snacks, no outgoing mail
resort 541-504-1010
ranger 503-630-6861

c/o Olallie Lake Resort
Estacada Ranger Station
595 NW Industrial Way
Estacada, OR 97023

Ashland > Drop 3 (Heet > Timerline)

August 31

Timberline Lodge
on trail, maildrop $2, snack bar, no outgoing mail, $12 AYCE breakfast, packages in gift store across from lodge
503-272-3311, M-F 8-5:30, Sat + Sun 7-6

c/o Timberline Ski Area
WY'East Store
Timberline Lodge
Timberline, OR 97028

Ashland > Drop 2 (Heet > CL)

Sept 3

Cascade Locks
0.5 hike
medium large store, internet at library, showers and camping at RV Park (trains near), next section mostly uphill
empty boxes available from grocery store
PO: 541-374-5026, M-F 8:30-1 2-5
OR Hood River easy hitch 20 miles, or shuttle bus
large Safeway, laundry, hotels, PO, postal annex expensive

c/o General Delivery
461 NW Wanapa St
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Pete Box #9
Buy 4
Drop USPS 5 > White Pass (Heet > ?)
Drop UPS 4 > Snoqualmie
Drop USPS 5 > Skykomish (Heet > ?)
Drop USPS 4 > Stehekin (Heet > Manning)
Heet > Trout Lake

Sept 8

Trout Lake
Rd 23 hitch 22.0 fairly busy
store, café, restaurants
hitch to Cold Springs Campground to climb Mt. Adams
General Store has cheap lodging, laundry
Trout Lake Grocery 509-395-2777
Little Mountain Hardware 2170 Highway 141, 509-395-2773
Elk Meadows RV Park 78 Trout Lake Creek Road (by grocery?) 509-395-2400 showers, laundry
The Farm B+B 509-395-2488 huckleberry pancakes 490 Sunnyside Road
Kelly's Trout Lake B+B 509-395-2769 25 Mt. Adams Rd, by Trout Lake Creek
PO: 509-395-2108, M-F 8:30-12:30 1-5

c/o General Delivery
2393 Highway 141
Trout Lake, WA 98650

Sisters > Bump > Skykomish
Sisters > Drop 3

Sept 11

White Pass
Hwy 12 hike .75
fried things at store, motel, outgoing letters only
Store: 509-672-3105, M-Th 8-6, F-Sun 8-8
OR hitch E to Packwood, sunny, Heet
very nice super market, small sporting good store

c/o General Delivery
White Pass Rural Branch PO
at the Kracker Barrel Store
48851 US Highway 12
Naches, WA 98937

Cascade Locks > Drop 5

Sept 16

Snoqualmie Pass
FS CG 1.0 NW
or Greyhound/hitch 34 E to Cle Elum, sunny, large stores
or Greyhound/hitch $14 RT 20 miles W to North Bend, Safeway

Best Western Summit Inn, $65 hiker rate, restaurant and laundry
425-434-6300, 1-800-557-STAY (reservations)

c/o Best Western Summit Inn
603 State Route 906
Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068

Cascade Locks > Drop 4

Sept 20

Trail angel active in 2004?:
Don E Johnson
1782 Addy Gifford Rd
Addy, WA 99101-9611
Stevens Pass Rte 2 hitch 14.0 W
few snacks cheese, friendly PO, cheap motel
or hitch 34 E to Leavenworth great store
Shuttle service
Jerry Dinsmore, 360-677-1237
shuttle, laundry, shower, camping, and internet $10, room $30
Cascadia Inn, laundry, $20
PO: 360-677-2241, M-F 8-11:30 12-3:45, Sat 8-10 parcels only

c/o General Delivery
114 N 5th St
Skykomish, WA 98288

Trout Lake > Bump > Home
Cascade Locks > Drop 5

Sept 25

Stehekin River Road hitch/bus 10.6
snacks and cheese, amazing bakery, CASH ONLY
public restroom building: showers, laundry, phone
Lady of the Lake Shuttle Bus Schedule
PO: 509-682-2625 M-F 8-4:30, Sat 11:30-12:30 (no Sat hours in fall depending on ferry)
OR take boat to Chelan RT $23, stay at Campbell House, Safeway

c/o General Delivery
Stehekin, WA 98852

Cascade Locks > Drop 4 (Heet > Manning)
Pete Box #10 (Passports)

Sept 30

Manning Provincial Park
Bear's Den Lounge
info: 250-840-8822
reservations for dinner and lodging: 800-330-3321
Manning Park Resort

c/o Main Lodge
Manning Provincial Park
BC, Canada VOX1R0